Upcoming events

Past events
SETAC Africa 8th Biennial Conference
Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria 
17-19 October 2017 

SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting
Improving risk assessment and management of chemicals through trans-disciplinary collaboration
Brussels, Belgium
7-11 May 2017

22nd SETAC Europe LCA Case Study Symposium
Montpellier, France
20-22 September 2016 

SETAC/iEOS Joint Focused Topic Meeting
Environmental and (eco)toxicological Omics and Epigenetics: Science, Technology and Regulatory Applications 12-15 September 2016 | Ghent, Belgium

SETAC Europe 26th Annual Meeting
Environmental contaminants from land to sea: continuities and interface in environmental toxicology and chemistry
Nantes, France
22-26 May 2016

12th SETAC Europe Special Science Symposium
Risk mitigation measures, risk assessment and labelling in the EU 28: 
Introduction to the MAgPIE toolbox
SETAC Europe 12th Special Science Symposium
10-12 May 2016  |  Brussels, Belgium

11th Special Science Symposium
Global Environmental Change and Mercury Pollution: Environmental Governance, Research and Management of Converging Issues
Hotel Marivaux, Brussels, Belgium
20-21 October 2015 

21st SETAC Europe LCA Case Study Symposium
jointly organised with the 4th International Exergy, Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainability Workshop & Symposium
Nisyros, Greece
12-14 July 2015

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