Upcoming events
Meetings in 2015

4th Young Environmental Scientists Meeting (YES)
4th YES Meeting
Petnica, Science Centre, Serbia
14-19 March 2015 

SETAC Europe Summer Schools
SETAC Summer Schools are dedicated to supporting the sharing of knowledge and of environmental protection concerns.

SETAC Pellston Workshop
Simplifying environmental mixtures: an aquatic exposure-based approach via exposure scenarios
Valencia, Spain
23-27 March 2015

SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting
Environmental protection in a multi-stressed world: challenges for science, industry and regulators
Barcelona, Spain
3-7 May 2015

21st SETAC Europe LCA Case Study Symposium
jointly organised with the 4th International Exergy, Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainability Workshop & Symposium
Nisyros, Greece
12-14 July 2015

Meetings in 2016

SETAC Europe 26th Annual Meeting
Nantes, France
22-26 May 2016

Past events
20th SETAC Europe Case Studies Symposium
LCA in promoting eco-innovation and sustainability: education, research and application
Novi Sad, Serbia
26-28 November 2014

10th Special Science Symposium
Bioavailability of organic chemicals: Linking science to risk assessment and regulation
Hotel Marivaux, Brussels, Belgium
14-15 October 2014  

SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting
Sciences across bridges, borders and boundaries
Basel, Switzerland
11-15 May 2014

9th Special Science Symposium
Risk assessment and management in marine systems: State of the art and the challenges ahead
Hotel Marivaux, Brussels, Belgium
4-5 December 2013

19th LCA Case Studies Symposium
LCA in market research and policy: Harmonisation beyond standardisation
Rome, Italy
11-13 November 2013

8th Special Science Symposium
Plant protection products and pollinators: Testing methodologies, risk assessment and risk management
Hotel Marivaux, Brussels, Belgium
16-17 October 2013

7th Special Science Symposium
Fate and ecotoxicity of nanoparticles in the environment - current status and the way forward
Hotel Marivaux, Brussels, Belgium
2-3 October 2013  

SETAC Europe 23rd Annual Meeting
Building a better future: Responsible innovation and environmental protection
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
12-16 May 2013

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